What is Commodities Trading?

The commodity as the Merriam-Webster would define it;   an economic good: such as a:  a product of agriculture or mining agricultural commodities like grain and corn b:  an article of commerce especially when delivered for shipment reported the damaged commodities to officials c:  a mass-produced unspecialized product commodity chemicals commodity memory chips. This simply puts … More What is Commodities Trading?

A Brief Introduction to Asset Allocation

Ever encountered the word Asset Allocation? Well, if you’ve been in the financial world, there is big chance that you stumbled once or twice with this word. What Asset Allocation is, in short-term, an investment portfolio that divides your assets into major categories. The main use and purpose of Asset Allocation are to balance investment … More A Brief Introduction to Asset Allocation

Everything You Need To Know About Precious Metals

Precious metals have seen a large amount of attention in the previous year, due to economic changes in several countries, such as China, and the U.S.A. election which led to President Donald Trump’s victory. All of the events led ted tantamount of money flooding into the precious metals exchange-traded funds (ETFs). First and foremost, Precious … More Everything You Need To Know About Precious Metals