How to Predict Forex Movement?

Most of the successful investors and traders in the forex market proudly claim that their success has been driven by their skills and ability to forecast every market movement. To be a successful trader, one must possess a full understanding of the factors that create an impact on the rate of exchange currency’s movement.

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Here are a few factors that provide the investor to generate a more precise forecasts, which enables them to have a better opportunity towards success.

  • Economic Growth

A country’s economy is very essential in the forex market. If a country’s economy is healthy, it involves a higher chance that its central bank will raise interest rates to capture the growth of inflation. The higher the interest rates, the greater the possibility for investors to aim for the country’s financial marketplaces. Thus, if a country’s markets are participated by many investors, currency’s demands accordingly increase. With greater demand, comes with an increase in the currency’s exchange rate.

  • Geo-Politics 

Reading a newspaper and seeing economic statistics or accounting numbers are quite traditional and considered old. Let me tell you that the currency exchange market is considered as the only market that can be traded by virtue of political, including economic news in the world financial markets. Keep in mind that the currencies represent a country instead of companies. Normally, commotions on political landscape affect the exchange rate movement.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

It is considered as the least essential of other relative factors when it comes to forecasting the movement of a currency rate. On the other hand, it is usually the most powerful factor where near-term currency moves are considered. If a company from one economic region desires to acquire a corporation in a separate country, then mergers and acquisitions simply occur. A wise trader will keep on top of this type of activity in that it supports to forecast short-term movements in the market.

  • Interest Rates 

The currency value of a country rallies coincidentally with a hike in interest rates. The increased value of the currency mirrors what is called “capital appreciation”, and this allows the investor to have a chance to generate profit. Each currency rate comes packaged with an attached interest rate. Thus, interest income is derived either by buying currencies from countries, which comprises of a higher-interest rates or finance these purchases with currency from countries comprising with a lower-interest rates.

  • Trade and Capital Flows

The first thing to know before making a final forecast with regards to the trend of a certain currency is whether or not the currency is dependent on the capital or trade flow on its country. The amount of investment a country is getting from international sources are known as “capital flows”, while the income that resulted from a trade is called “trade flow”. Other countries can be dependent to capital flow, while some countries are exceptionally sensitive to trade flows.


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