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Have you ever tried to build a reliable archive of market news sources before? If you have, then you’ll see that the attempt is pretty much useless. With so many financial news websites out there, it’s difficult to tell the useful websites from the useless ones.

You see, a lot of financial news websites out there like to parrot information. The focus with many news website is on sensationalism and the potential to go viral. If important events go out on one news website, than they get copied as fast as possible on other news websites. This is regardless of the value of the event to market activity.

For example, you may have an important newsworthy event that has nothing to do with the markets! It could be a diplomatic visit between politicians to discuss a macro-social initiative. Is a news piece of that sort going to concern a trader who simply wants information related to currency activities?

Absolutely not.

Trade12 Solves the Problem of Redundant and Useless Market News

With Trade12, you have a trading platform that provides relevant and up-to-date market news. Through this Trade12 review, I plan to talk about 3 points actually. All 3 will be related to market news. The first will be relevance. The second will be speed. The third will be synthesis.

The relevance issue is something we stressed at the start. The  market news provided by Trade12 is either industry-related news (since other markets are traded there too), or news on currency and policy changes affecting markets. This is what you want to read if you have stake in the market.

trade12 review: market news source

The 2nd factor would be speed. Trade12 is not a slow website when it comes time to creating updates. It’s a quick to update website, making sure you get the most relevant market news at the start of your trading day. This is important, specifically if you’re a day-trader, whose long-term trends are affected by news events.

The 3rd factor would be synthesis. The information provided is actually consistent with other pieces of information, which means you can make decisions faster. You can look at news sources, and put together the puzzles pieces provided by the news, to reach an accurate long-term forecast of the markets.

This ties to the issue of relevance. Relevance means that informative news related to the traded markets is selected, which makes the synthesis process easier. You won’t have to synthesize information from 2 seemingly random news pieces and events.

Trade12 Review: The Top Feature I See Here is Reliability

According to most client’s feedback,Trade12 is one of the most reliable websites I have come across for information. Not only does Trade12 give you information on market changes, but it also provides you with education!

If you’re a starting trader and you have no idea where to begin, Trade12 is the place to go! Of course, you’re not going to start off trading right away. You’re going to need to develop a knowledge base with the information provided, while also practicing on paper before getting into the real thing!

The education is quite simple too, with a priority on avoiding complexities. This is an issue that I have seen a lot in the field of trading education. There is a love of complexity, and the showing off of fancy models of action. This love of complexity is destructive in the long-run to one’s career.

This lack of complexity is also not available in trading news. The market news is explained with clarity and briefness. There are no long monologues to be found in the news provided by Trade12 forex broker. Thus, it is a perfect feature of a website that cares about informing its client base!

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  1. ive been using trade12’s market reports for a few months now and they never forget to post updaes everyday. very convenient compared to looking all over goole for reliable resources

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