Why Trade with Trade12?

Trade12 Defines Easy Trading

Keeping it easy in online trading is not the usual case for it involves a huge amount of money, time and effort to be successful. Nonetheless, Trade12 brings out the most unexpected and profitable trading experience as it proves a fast, simple and easy method in delivering its services. Cliché it may sound, you really don’t know what you can have until you try.

Start with Trade12

At Trade12, you can start trading for only $250 with a bunch of bonus, flexible spreads and margins plus the best leverage waiting for you along the way. There are numerous accounts packages available which will definitely fit in everyone’s financial lifestyle.

 In times of doubt, starting with the risk-free and free of charge demo account would be the best option. No need to worry ‘cause it is available anytime, without expiration. The demo account develops the traders’ skills and strategies applicable in trading live. You get to see real-time rates and volatility, trade on forex currencies and metals, and test your developed trading techniques under a $100,000 virtual credit.

It only starts with a registration in jumping into a live account. After you have completed all the requirements and agreed to the terms and condition provided by the company, you can proceed with the next step which is funding your account. The guidelines are properly presented so any type of trader can quickly grasp the necessary information. Afterwards you can instantly start with trading.

With the endless support from the customer service representative you won’t get lost as you complete every transaction. It has a 24/5 multilingual support who you can get in touch through email, live chat and telephone number.

To make the experience worthwhile, trading would not end in investing; Trade12 makes sure that traders receive the most comprehensive market updates through real-time market education. The company deliberately offers free e-books, video tutorials, market news and analysis to intensify the knowledge of the clients in this field. An economic calendar is also accessible to view the major market events at the moment. Clients may subscribe with its e-mail alerts and SMS to receive free technical reports and latest market happenings respectively on a daily basis.

More is better

Trade12 lets you access your trading account anywhere you are, anytime you want. It is available on personal computers, iPhone, iPad and Android. In order to achieve a seamless trading platform, it utilizes MetaTrader 4.

The services of Trade12 do not end in Trading. It has an affiliate program which offers one of the highest commission in the forex market. Apart from this, sub affiliate program is also available wherein, you can easily earn through the additional commission generated by the new affiliate. Another good thing about this is you get the chance to boost your funds while having a lot of connections.

Becoming a partner of Trade12 is more than just earning; it is about having stability along your involvement in the company. The wider the experience that you get into the company the better, you just get a lot more without even noticing until you see your bank account.

Open an account now and enjoy an outstanding online trading experience! Take advantage of our special offer and receive 50% exclusive tradable deposit bonus plus a chance to win 2 tickets to the Men’s Final Australian Open 2017! Trade now!

Website Languages

Arabic, English, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai

Account Options

Broker TypeECN

Minimum Deposit250

Forex Majors Spread

  • EUR/USD: 1.2
  • GBP/USD: 

Minimum Trade Size250

Free Demo AccountYes

Fees & Commissions


  • Rollover FeeYes
  • Margin InterestYes
  • Withdrawal FeesYes
  • Depositing FeesYes

Service Details

Supported LanguagesArabic,  English,  French,  Indonesian,  Italian,  Japanese,  Malay,  Portuguese,  Russian,  Spanish,  Thai,  Turkish

Customer Service ByNewsletter, Call Back, Phone, Chat, Email

Customer Service Hours24/5

Email Response TimeImmediate

Telephone OrdersYes

Personal Account ManagerYes

Trading and Investment Tools

One Click TradingYes

Trade off ChartsYes

Email AlertsYes

Mobile AlertsYes

Stop OrderYes

Market OrderYes

Trailing Stop OrderYes

OCO OrdersYes

Limit OrderYes

24hr TradingNo

Charting PackageYes

Streaming News FeedYes

Automated TradingSignal Trader,Tradency,Zulu,Ayondo,other

23 thoughts on “Why Trade with Trade12?

  1. It’s been a long time I am with Trade12 broker. I want to recommend that broker to the neophyte traders. In my experience I can say that this is a scam free broker and which is blessed with several facilities including high leverage, low spread, high security level. They take no extra transaction cost from their traders and cash back withdrawn money in just time. This is really so much active broker in their services.


  2. I have been with this broker for awhile now and never encounter any problem with them. They have easy withdrawal process, as long you have provided all the necessary documents and met their trading volumes required. I recommend this company to anyone who wants to earn good profit.


  3. Trade12 seems to be growing fast and a friend of mine recommended this broker and i am really glad i took it and gave it a try.

    they offer good profit and no problem with their withdrawal process as well, wide choices of account types and their support are very helpful.


  4. I was hearing a lot about trade12, but i was then with another broker so i didnt check it out. when i had a problem with my current broker (they wont let me withdraw my earnings), i switched with trade12. it was definitely the best choice i made. they were very accomodating unlike my previous one. i can also easily withdraw my funds whenever i want. i also find it convenient that they also have french speaking customer reps since i am half french. when i had a problem one time he was so calm in explaining what i had to do. i can really say trade12 is the best broker for me!


    1. It seems like we had the same problem. My broker also made it hard for me to withdraw. They were telling me to reach a very high quota. Good thing trade12 is different. The best thing is they have several withdrawal methods you could choose from. It was very convenient indeed!


  5. to be honest, i dont understand why this broker has a lot of bad reviews. ive been hearin mixed opinions about it. good thing there was this guy, Johann from quora who suggested to help me create an account with trade12. i was looking for a reliable ecn broker provider at that time and he was one of the people who answered. he gave me his email and gave me some advice on how to make an account. been trading with them for 2 months now and so far i dont have any problems. i see some people complaining that they have hard time withdrawing their money. i already withdrew my profits twice and havent faced any problems with them. maybe the key is to be an active trader because most of the people who made these bad reviews opened an account then they did not touch it for awhile. these people do not understand the terms that come with opening a brokerage account


  6. I opened an account with Trade12 last May 12. For that duration, I was able to double my money from some trades (including the bonus). Just last friday I raised it up to another 22% additional income. I read a lot of bad reviews when it comes to withdrawal and I am afraid to experience the same. Will update once I tried my first withdrawal.


    1. Update: I was able to withdraw today. total of withdrawal is $350. left some amount to trade with on my account. It was just to test if I will have problems in withdrawal. Turns out pretty great and I didn’t encounter any problems unlike what others say.


  7. Forex is the largest money market. A trader should have some fundamental ideas regarding the market. A trader can be much profitable if he has some strategic ways of trading. I am a trader of Trade12 is the most supportive broker. It is a scam free broker which provides high leverage, low spread, high security, fast execution are the special feathers of the market. Besides on new investment a trader can get handsome amount of initial deposit bonus from the market.


  8. A broker should be reliable to the traders. In my career I have changed many brokers for scam and other problems. After changing many brokers I was in a great depression that what broker I should select. By the stroke of luck I found an ECN broker called Trade12 is the best broker to the scalpers. As a scalper I can enjoy the lowest transaction cost from here. I have high leverage, lowest spread and the high security level.


  9. A broker performs several activities for the welfare of their traders. But now a day traders are facing several problems relating to choosing FX brokers. Brokers are mostly found are to scam. Due to scam it is hard to find out a scam free brokers. But Trade12 is running their activities selflessly. I am enjoying their lowest transaction cost.


  10. In the retail market place there are thousands of brokers to trade with. But sadly to say that after entering into market place most of the brokers engage themselves with scam. As a result brokers are losing their regulation. But with Trade12 I have 100% pure security because they reputed bank accounts to provide security to their client’s fund.


  11. I have selected due to several causes Trade12 where I have been trading for a long time. As a scalper I have the smart technology from here for scalping and hedging. The broker includes some other facilities like high leverage like 1:400, the lowest spread like 0.1, fast execution, no set up fees, ECN accounts with low commission, no restrictions for pending orders. I never face any technical errors while trading in their platform.


  12. As a trader of Trade12 I enjoy several facilities including better environment, high security of funding, lowest transaction cost, low spread level, fast execution, no restrictions for pending orders, ECN accounts with lowest commission and the best trading platform. I have the proper support from the broker and due to their lowest transaction cost I can enjoy my exact profit all time.


  13. I wish to withdraw ,but don’t how? As a new with the trading & dont know how trade yet,& with little money in, I think best for me to withdraw. Anyone concern to tell me how to withdraw pls? Thank you


  14. I am a regular trader of Trade12. I like this broker because I am getting more feedback from them. They offer flexible margin level with low spread and high leverage and for the combination traders get extra advantages. Then I have the high security of funding from the broker because they use several reputed bank accounts for the purpose.


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